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Sick & Tired of wrestlezone.com’s DISRECPECT of ROH !

Where do I start ? First off wrestlezone.com hardly ever covers Ring Of Honor Second of all when they do cover Ring Of Honor they either paint the BEST PRO WRESTLING company in a bad light (The Chalie Haas situation) or you fuck up the results, here’s an idea for MKE KILLAM of wrestlzone.com DO SOME RESEARCH before you try to report on Ring Of Honor !

If you had done alittle research or maybe even WATCHED the show over any length of time you’d have known the story between “The Outlaw” Charlie Haas and “Cheeseburger” you moron ! You write for a wrestling website and call yourself a Journalist and a reporter . A GOOD reporter does research , you just write blindly about thngs you know nothing about , to be clear I have NEVER and will NEVER call myself a journalist or a reporter , I’m a passionate PRO WRESTLING fan ! You compained that your internet cut out for 10 minutes during the Jay Lethal vs Michael Elgin match , here’s another big thing in ROH a famous quote “MAN UP” !! Stop bitching about the connection . shit happens stop being a jerk , Do you complain about all the fuckin’ commercials during WWE PPV’s during your results posts  ? No I don’t think so , so shut the fuck up !

Your hack job of a “detailed” recap of the 10 man tag between SCUM and ROH was awful Mike , take pride in your job or quit ! 

Oh and your bullshit about having to explain who the ROH WORLD TAG TEAM CHAMPIONS ReDRagon and the “American Wolves” are is just disrecpectful to all the wrestlers involved . All four wrestlers are INTERNATIONALLY known jackass !

Finally you end your article by once again blasting ROH for the feed cutting out , it hppened to everyone but the beauty of an ROH IPPV is that you can rewind it and watch it seconds after it happens so once again SHUT THE FUCK UP ! If you don’t want to cover ROH don’t cover it , continue to kiss Vinnie Mac’s Ass and cover the WWE like it’s the best thing going (when it’s not even close)  You think your a big shot because you write for wrestlezone.com and you’re not ! YOU , JUSTIN LABAR and JOSH ISENBERG are just net nerds who write for wrestlezone.com JUSTIN is trying to be a sports entertainer working with his “Good Friend” Kevin Nash on some indy show because he’s NEVER make it in PRO WRESTLING .

In closing I will once again say I’m NOT a Journalist or a reporter I’m a PASSIONATE PRO WRESTLING fan who is tired of everyone shitting on the BEST PRO WRESTLING Company on the planet  RING OF HONOR !! Ring Of Honor’s Supercard Of Honor VII was the BEST SHOW THIS WEEKEND ! WWE will have a bunch of BS matches with 2 or 3 matches “Carrying the show” when ROH had every match that is important going forward towards the next IPPV .


  1. bwoodburn123
    April 6, 2013 at 2:34 pm

    No offence, your basic premisce is correct, anyone who has a twitter account calls themselves critics and often they are very critical of anything that isn’t WWE but you seem a bit biased, no doubt ROH are a great, but low budget company and some people (me included) don’t watch on a regular enough basis to criticise, (which is why i don’t). The thread of this article seems to be that ROH are the best in the world and nothing can ever beat them in any way, which isn’t really true…

    • red_dragon78
      April 6, 2013 at 3:53 pm

      I respect your opinion and am glad you’re not an ROH critic (Lord knows there are more then enough) , I’m saying that ROH is the BEST IN THE WORLD as it relates to being a better in ring product then WWE and TNA in ROH there aren’t long drawn out promos , there aren’t over the top storylines like the ones that are on WWE and TNA week in and week out it’s two guys get in the ring and WRESTLE . I don’t think ROH can’t be beat I’m saying WWE and TNA don’t care as much about in ring work s much as ROH does , another thing that sets ROH apart fromthe other two companies is unpredictiblity , I watched SCOHVII last night nd didn’t know who was going to win alot of the matches , take ANY WWE or TNA show and even a new fan can pick the winners 90% of the time , I’ve been a wrestling fan for 30 + years I went to my first show at 2 months old I was poisoned at birth (Thanks Mom) I’d like to think I’m an educated fan , I don’rt get on the internet and use “Insider terms” and don’t hide behind my keyboard like most of these net nerds in the IWC . I stand behind every word I type and am willing to discuss my point of view in a respectful manner as well as see ALL other fans point of view .

  2. April 6, 2013 at 4:28 pm

    A fan brought this to my attention, and I responded. Probably the most exposure you’re ever going to get. Enjoy.


    • April 6, 2013 at 4:29 pm

      Also, feel free to have a conversation with me on Twitter or in the chat section of Wrestlezone. However, if you do continue to use vulgarity to not-so-eloquently get your point across, your posts will not show up on WZ. Have a great day.

  3. reddragon1978
    April 6, 2013 at 7:18 pm

    I don’t care if my posts get put on wrestlezone.com , but thank you for the exposure , Not really looking for exposure though . I write because I want to , see I don’t want to be famous , i just want to say what’s on my mind about Pro Wrestling I’m happy to have the FREEDOM to write what I want when I want here on wrestlinginsights . I am an educated fan and have been my whole life , your opinion of me doesn’t matter to me , I will take accountiblity for my profanity that wasn’t right and I apologize , I would like to have a convo with you via twitter Mr. Killam if your offer was serious .

    PS I Printed off the article and it’s hanging on my wall thanks ALOT !

  4. SteveOc
    April 6, 2013 at 7:23 pm

    As somebody who used 2 be a big RoH fan 5 or so years ago I kinda lost connection with the programming when The Wrestling Channel/Fight Network stopped airing it in the UK! I myself have been a wrestling fan for 28 years and have always been a WWE fan and I do agree with you in the sense that WWE/TNA spend to much time telling stories via video feed in ring or backstage segments and not enough time telling te story in the ring the way it used to be done!! But now 2 my real issue with your coloumn Mike Killam/Justin Labar/Josh Isenberg and any1 else involved in WrestleZone.com do a great job I have been a user of Wrestlezone for a few years now and ok Mikes coverage wasn’t to your liking as you said in your post RoH isn’t a promotion that is always covered on Wrestlezone and if you have a problem with they way Mike or any of the other guys who write there articles/news/spoilers or results there are other wrestling sites out there go find and stop bitching whining and complaining about the fact that not every1 is as in to Roh as you if there isn’t much demand for it on there site they have no obligation to post any of it if they don’t want just as u don’t have to look if you don’t want to

  5. reddragon1978
    April 6, 2013 at 8:47 pm

    SteveOc I respect your opinion and I understand that wrestlezone does a good job and I agree for the most part , however I feel that they could do more stories on ROH and maybe a few less on WWE and TNA . Some of there stories I think are just thrown on the site when they could be writing about ROH instead of posting pictures of the Wrestlemania set , let’s keep it a surprise for the PPV audiance . I have no issue with Josh Isenberg or Justin Labar I enjoy their Chairshot reality sometimes . I said what I said and I have to own up to it . Mr. Killam took this blog and ran with it , I was just voicing my opinion and he took it and made it into a bigger issue not me . Again while I respect your opinion I have to say that it wasn’t just about Mr. Killam’s coverage of SCOHVII it’s the entire sites LACK of ROH coverage in general . The ultimate point I’m trying to make is fair coverage . I’m not whining , complaining or bitching , I’m not an ROH “Mark” again I don’t use “Insider terms” because I’m not in the business and that would be disrespectful of me to use these terms , I enjoy wrestlezone.com I’ll admit that , I’m just asking for alitlle more ROH Coverage , hell I’ll do it myself if they’d let me and agin I want apologize for my use of profanity that’s not the way a good writer puts his thoughts together .

  6. Grow Up
    April 6, 2013 at 11:39 pm

    translation: Wahhhhhhhh! Wahhhhhhhh!

    • redragon1978
      April 7, 2013 at 4:58 pm

      Translation : KISS MY ASS IWC !! Your approval ISN’T NEEDED or WANTED , I write my blog NOT to entertain you but to get MY opinion out there and let my feelings be know about the good and the bad in Wrestling IF you DON’T like my blog DON’T read it , if you LIKE my blog THANK YOU for your support !! I don’t write for the masses I write for myself so IWC you can KISS MY ASS ! Thank you to Jayson McDowell for letting me write for wrestlinginsights a place where I have the FREEDOM to write whatever I want without being censored or be PG because let’s be honest Wrestling fans PG Fuckin’ SUCKS ! we all know it I just have the balls to say it !!

      • Grow Up
        April 9, 2013 at 2:23 pm

        “KISS MY ASS IWC ”

        Four words in and all that delicious hypocrisy. You’re basically a big child throwing a tantrum, it’s hysterical.

        ROH sucks. accept it

  7. redragon1978
    April 10, 2013 at 7:27 pm

    Call me whatever you’d like that makes you a child as well you wanna talk about hypocrisy yet you’re a hypocrite as well now that is funny . I respect your opinion if you think ROH sucks that’s your opinion , I like ROH I don’t write this blog for exceptance , or approval from the IWC or anyone else for that matter . I write my blog because it give me a voice and a platform to express my views on Pro Wrestling IF you dn’t like my blog don’t readit it’s that simple ! I have plenty of people that do read my blog and do like it . I stand behind EVERY WORD I’ve ever written and at least I have enought balls to put out a view that might not be the popular view but it’s MY View I don’t just FOLLOW the crowd I do my own thing and I don’t really care if people like it or not . So Grow Up I will close this out like this , I respect your opinion However I respectfully disagree with it . Thank you for reading my blog I hope you continue to read , I have some good articles coming up .

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